Write Your Own Life “Screenplay”

Ever wish your life could be like it is in the “movies” ? Everything always works out so perfectly in the end!

It would be nice if our lives always worked out the way we want them. But alas, as the say, “That’s Life!”

Well…. not exactly.

If you don’t know anything about quantum physics (most of us don’t), and the way the Universe works, It would appear that our lives are just one big mess of random events. “Watch out ! Who knows what will come your way next!”

In some ways I think we just tell ourselves we have no control over our lives because its easier to blame the

world instead of ourselves for what’s going on in the world. That, in return, makes our lives even more chaotic and seemingly random.

So how do we end this vicious cycle?

To take control of your life you need to understand a few things about the world and universe that we live in.

Down to our very core, down to the deepest part of our every cell, we are all energy. Simply put we are all

just big bundles of energy. No matter what our race, age or gender we are all the same, just energy!

Knowing this it would probably be a good idea to understand how energy works.

Energy is attracted to and attracts like energy. So whatever energy or “vibrations” you put out into the world,

that’s what you get back. Change your “vibrations”, and your life will change too.

You can change your vibrations by changing your emotions. Felling of “sadness” creates a lower frequency

vibration than feelings of “Joy”. So if you feel “good”, good things will happen in your life.

Simple, huh ?

It may be harder than you think with all those nasty negative energies in your life. Maybe its a friend,

family member, or partner that just doesn’t believe in anything but “death and taxes”. Or it could be a negative

current financial situation caused by your previous beliefs in “random events”.

Here are some tools you can use for tuning these negative influences out if you cannot eliminate them.

Meditation. This is a great relaxation tool and helps you tune into your imagination and the part of

your mind that is in tune with the universe. You will want to do this daily to stay in touch with your conscious creation.

Positive thinking. Through out your day we need to keep your mind “negative thought” free and focused

on positive feelings. A few pesky little negative thoughts can have a lot more power in your life then you think.

So can you really go from barely making it paycheck to paycheck to living in your dream house? Yes,

you can have anything you desire! That new car, a dream vacation, and that perfect career.

After all, its all just energy!

Keep dreaming!

Maranda Mann

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