Temporally Linear Normal Thinking Versus Abstract Creative Thinking

Looking at things differently and individually is the best way to look at things as being a genuine individual and rare winner is the best way to live. Abstract and creative thinking is the best thinking you can do, normal thinking when something outside of your comfort zone is involved is the worst thing you can do. The best ideas in the world are creative and abstract, the worst are normal variations on a stale theme. Genuine creativity is the most powerfully honest thing in the world and existence. If it was not, then we would all be rich thinking inside the box and taking no risks of any sort and the criminal mind would be a virtue (under no circumstances is the criminal mind a virtue). Anyhow, the virtuous, creative and innocent mind is always a virtue when you think realistically and act realistically honest in your actions. For my money, and my logic it all comes down to being creatively realistic and thinking outside the box most of the time though or to put it another way, “there is always a better way to do it.” If it is broken, fix it, sure, but if it is not broken, improve it creatively, not just for the sake of improvement; but for the sake of efficiency to make it work better, genuinely better. I do not mean improvement just for the sake of getting, doing or having something new. But I mean improvement to make actions and work more efficient. Improvement for the sake of improvement is a genuine trap, efficiency and honestly improving things is the genuine way to do it.

Normal linear thinking has its place though. I did not say that it did not. Remember, everything natural to life has a place in it. As everything that is natural to anything has a place in that everything. But, individual honesty and looking at things differently and creatively is always a plus value in all things that need doing. I once knew a librarian who had on his computer console a sign that said in the vein of Thomas J. Watson, Sr. and his “Think” slogan, “Have Bright Ideas.” This is what I think of when I write this article. Everyone should do both types of thinking in a balanced, yet individualized way. What I mean is, still consider reality as a whole yet still think creatively about it. Think in terms of what you can achieve in reality, yet think about how you can achieve it better in so many ways. Creative and abstract thinking you will find enhances temporal linear thinking in so many ways.So, I end by quoting Thomas J. Watson, Sr.: “Think!”

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