How A Career As a Personal Stylist and Shopper Can Complement Your Existing Career

Years ago, most people chose a job or career and stuck to it for 40 years. They often became a bit fed up but carried on until retirement. These days career options are so much more exciting and even if you love what you do there are still opportunities to add training to your existing career. A career as a personal stylist and shopper is something you might consider and below are some of the careers that work particularly well with personal styling.

Life Coach

Life coaches guide people to make decisions to change their lives for the better. Very often people seeking their help have little self esteem and confidence and a make-over on the outside could help them greatly. When we look good, we automatically feel more confident and have better body language. As a personal stylist I know that when I help someone to change the way they look, the next time I see them they are usually full of confidence and have often changed other parts of their lives too. For example, they may have a new job or partner. So you can see that personal styling and life coaching can work together hand-in-hand.

Diet Club Leader

If you run your own diet or fitness club you’ll know how rewarding it is to help people change for the better. However, sometimes when people lose weight they’re unsure about how to dress their new body and often don’t do it justice, either continuing to wear big baggy clothes or squeezing their new figure into something unflattering. If you are also a personal stylist and shopper you would be able to show them how to wear colours and styles that show off their new bodies. You would also be earning extra money!

Hair Stylist

Any hairdresser will know how great it feels to be able to “turn back the clock” for a client with a great new haircut that makes them look much younger. The client will be thrilled with their new look but could usually do with some new items for their wardrobe to really show off their hair to its full potential. Similarly, a client might have chosen or taken your advice on a dramatic colour change for their hair so they really need some advice on changing their make-up and clothing colours to complement their new look. If you’re a hairdresser who’s been styling hair for a while and would like to be able to add more services for your client why not consider a career as a personal stylist?

These are just some of the careers that work well with personal styling and shopping but there are many more. Some of the stylists I know even have another part-time job that is completely different from personal styling, but they still enjoy working at two things rather than just the one.

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