Emotional Weight Loss Tips

I’ve never really had a problem with my weight. I was blessed into a family that never had weight problems, so maybe we have my mother to thank for preparing three meals a day where we would sit down to eat together, or at lunch just the children in the family, as both parents worked. But in the mornings and evening we would all be at the table together. Our in-between meals consisted of fruits. I’m not saying we never ate sweets as we did that too, on Saturdays my father would give us pocket money and take us to the local store and we would spent it all on sweets.

My father was tall and lean, my Mother was petite. We were active children, we swam, rode our bicycles to school, and played a lot of games that involved running, jumping etc. Those were the days before Television and Internet. It makes me sound old.

Today I am 52 years old, the age where my metabolism is slowing down and my appetite is still intact. I recently gained eight kilo’s, and found that it affected me on all levels, I was uncomfortable I felt as if I was pregnant. When sitting down I had to sit in the pose, the one where you lean backwards so that there is place for your stomach to bulge forward. If I sat crunched over I couldn’t breathe. All my clothes were too tight on me and emotionally I felt ugly and fat.

I decided one morning that enough was enough and took control of my life again. I started to listen to Law of Attraction tapes and anything that I could get my hands on. This was to stop the cycle of feeling ugly and fat. As I believe that this is a big part of weight gain too. We stop caring about ourselves and eat whatever or eyes can feast themselves on. We aren’t concerned what we look like and how it is affecting our health either.

Setting a good mindset is more important than a lot of things out there, as people forget how related the two are, you cannot walk around thinking that you are fat and ugly and go on a diet, it won’t work. First you need to get that mindset straight and then draw up a positive plan, get a good book on Nutrition and do not think of the weight loss yet, start to prepare healthy balanced meals, Eat three good meals a day, Make sure they are balance meals, go to a nutritionist if you can’t find a good balanced diet to stick too. This diet should be for your whole family. Start Power Walking everyday for at least 40-60 minutes.

From morning to night you need to think positive thoughts, this might be hard at first but once you become aware of your negative and positive thoughts you can change them. Except the good in your life. Except being beautiful, loved, healthy and wealthy too. The cycle of life is beautiful. Get the Millionaire mindset.

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